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FAQS Are there warning signs in a relationship?

Are there warning signs in a relationship?

A relationship is not healthy when…

  • Your value and your accomplishments are belittled;
  • Your opinions count for nothing;
  • You are called names that are embarrassing, hurtful and degrading;
  • Your likes and dislikes are disregarded;
  • You are intentionally kept away from family and friends;
  • There is extreme possessiveness or jealousy;
  • You are threatened;
  • You, your family, your work, your church and your friends are disrespected;
  • You are pushed, kicked or hurt;
  • Your faith is ridiculed;
  • Your every move is monitored;
  • You are denied access to food, money or other family resources;
  • You are blamed for all the problems.

Adapted from Refuge from Abuse