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Steve McMullin is teaching a course titled PACC 7033 “The Churches Response to Domestic Violence in Seminaries and Amongst Religious Leaders”. This will be taught at Acadia Divinity College, from February, 15th-19th.

“When Violence Hits the Religious Home: Raising Awareness about Domestic Violence in Seminaries and amongst Religious Leaders” has recently been published and was written by Steve McMullin, Nancy Nason-Clark, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, and Cathy Holtmann. 

New Publication: When Violence Hits the Religious Home

Overcoming Conflicting Loyalties has recently been published by The University of Alberta Press and is written by Irene Sevcik, Michael Rothery, Nancy Nason-Clark, and Robert Pynn.

New Publication: Overcoming Conflicting Loyalties

Men Who Batter has recently been published by Oxford University Press and is written by Nancy Nason-Clark and Barbara Fisher-Townsend.

New Publication: Men Who Batter

Family Violence From a Global Perspetive: A Stregths-Based Approach has recently been published by SAGE Publications, Inc and is written by Sylvia M. Asay, John DeFrain, Marcee Metzger, and Bob Moyer.

New Publication: Family Violence From a Global Perspective

This documentary includes the stories of religious survivors of abuse as well as the response of different faith groups to their needs.  Along with other program leaders, Nancy Nason-Clark joins Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy in sharing their wisdom and insights in responding to victims in the aftermath of violence in families of faith.

Links to the documentary “I Believe You: Faith’s Response to Intimate Partner Violence.”

Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse: Churches and Their Leaders Look to the Future has just been released by Wipf & Stock Publishers and is edited by Nancy Nason-Clark, Barbara Fisher-Townsend and Victoria Fahlberg. 

New Publication: Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse

NEW Profiles of DV Leaders

January 15, 2013

3 new Profiles of DV Leaders from the 5th International PASCH Conference, Columbia Bible College, Abbottsford, BC, May 2011
Joanne Robinson, Juan Carlos Arean, Natalie Collins

NEW Profiles of DV Leaders

Emerging from the Shadows … Loving, Together

May 12-15, 2011

This conference aims to deepen our understanding of key issues through exposure to outstanding international speakers and the latest academic research; while facilitating the formation of strategic connections between those affected and practitioners in the field.

The conference will take place at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, near Vancouver, BC, Canada, and will explore innovative approaches to particular concerns: care for children who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence, evaluation of faith-based batterer intervention, and implementing global outreach to prevent violence against women.

Full conference details are available on the conference website Please check for registration information, list of speakers and conference schedule.

Emerging From the Shadows - 5th International Conference of PASCH

Religious Resources Map

September 09, 2009

Over the past year we have collected contact information for various religious resources around the United States.  We are now pleased to provide that information in an easily accessible format.  Just click on the state for which you wish to have information and a list will appear by category.

Religious Resources Map

Improved Shelter Maps

May 01, 2009

This April, the RAVE team has made major improvements to the Shelter Maps. Additional maps have been created to cut down on load times. Easier to understand instructions have also been added. Better support for maintenance means any changes to your shelter can be updated faster.

Pleave provide us with your feedback.

Improved Shelter Maps

Download Rave Resources

June 27, 2008

Our new RAVE folders are available and have been uploaded to the website. These resources include pages highlighting important components of the website, such as our stained glass story and responses to frequently asked questions. Other downloadable resources will be available in the near future.

Download Rave Resources

We have begun profiling leaders of Domestic Violence in a question and answer format.

Profiles of Domestic Violence Leaders

Information on your local domestic violence state coalition is just a click away.

CANADIAN Domestic Violence Coalition


April 30, 2008

We have been collecting domestic violence videos with titles such as: When Appologies are Dangerousand When the Church is Needed Most. You can now view all the videos.


Information on your local domestic violence state coalition is just a click away.

USA Domestic Violence Coalition

Rave Podcasts!

March 17, 2008

Enjoy some of our content in audio format. We have begun adding syndicated podcast on our site and welcome you to have a listen.

Rave Podcasts!

Online Training Audio Added

February 11, 2008

In certain regions of the website, content has been narrated for your listening pleasure. You’ll notice a button that looks similar to this:
Audio Button
When you see it, try it out. We have narrated the Stories of Hope and Inspiration After Violence Series located in Online Training.

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