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The Significance of the Stained Glass

Stained Glass RAVE seeks to shatter the silence surrounding abuse, particularly in families of faith. Our use of stained glass is a constant reminder that beauty can be borne out of brokenness. Jagged pieces of glass, rough to the touch, and piercing to the skin, can become something new.  When violence strikes, chaos is created ... the glass is shattered into many pieces.  When the language of the spirit (words of religious comfort) infuses the language of contemporary culture (principles of safety, accountability and empowerment), new images can be created from broken pieces of glass.  Stained glass, long a symbol of the Christian Church, reveals that violence knows no religious boundaries. It happens within and beyond communities of faith. When violence strikes, many religious victims look first to their religious leader or spiritual support network for help.

The Significance of the Circle of Women

Voices of Victims RAVE believes that an important part of the journey towards healing and wholeness involves listening to the stories of other women and then finding the courage to tell one’s own story. Each woman is unique, her story is told separately, but as she speaks there is a circle of other women offering her support. No woman is so weak that she cannot help another woman in need; no woman is so strong that at times she doesn’t need the help of another.

The Significance of the Dove

The Dove
RAVE is an initiative that seeks to bring knowledge and social action together to assist families of faith impacted by abuse.

Our logo, featuring the white dove whose wings are outstretched, is meant to represent the centrality of…

  • compassion
  • spiritual strength
  • renewal
  • new beginnings