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Calgary is a large metropolitan city of over one million people that lies in the southern part of the Canadian province of Alberta approximately 50 miles east of the Rocky Mountains. It is home to the world famous Calgary Stampede and was the first Canadian city to host the winter Olympics.

Home Front

Calgary offers an excellent example of a coordinated community response to domestic violence intervention through the HomeFront organization. According to the HomeFront website: HomeFront was established as an independent agency in March 2004 after four years as a national demonstration project to integrate and improve the justice system response to domestic violence in Calgary…. Faster response times and the use of peace bonds to link eligible offenders to treatment programs have had a dramatic effect on recidivism rates in Calgary…. The agency provides domestic court caseworkers to represent complainants’ interests at the specialized domestic violence docket court and to encourage complainants’ participation at the specialized domestic violence trial court. The courts are in operation every weekday.

Another effective coordinating body in Calgary is The Alliance to End Violence (http://www.endviolence.ca/) which, in collaboration with FaithLink, brings together both secular and faith-based resources to respond to domestic violence.

The RAVE project has had enormous input and help from the Calgary dv community. Throughout our site you will see FAQ responses, sermons, and words of hope that have been offered by Calgarians.

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The Calgary Team

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