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At the southern edge of the Willamette Valley lies the City of Eugene, Oregon – population 150,000. Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene has two rivers running through the city – the McKenzie and the Willamette. Due to its protected location and rainfall accumulation, the landscape is lushly green year round with flowers blooming much of the year. With its mild climate and university environment the city bills itself as the “World’s Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors.”

Eugene is home to one of the few faith-based batterer intervention programs in North America. Additionally, it has a well-developed community based system of advocates and organizations working to end domestic violence. The RAVE project has been embraced and assisted by many in this dv community who have made themselves and their organizations available, facilitated introductions, offered feedback, and provided materials for our site. With each visit to the city we have met and solicited input from advocates, therapists, criminal justice personnel and clergy members. We also have been pleased to be able to start the bridge building process between various constituencies around the city through meetings, often over meals, that offer the opportunity for sharing of ideas. As we return to Eugene twice a year we plan to further develop the RAVE network in this city and provide photos as appropriate.

Christians as Family Advocates