Prayers that offer comfort…

All knowing God
Creator of the world
Counsellor supreme
Spread your wings.

Spread your mighty wings!

Wings that bring comfort,
comfort and protection,
protection and shelter.

May the one who is hurting or suffering
know that

  • You care for the least amongst us
  • You care for the vulnerable
  • You care when no one else does

In You alone can we find safety.

The psalmist has cried out:
I look unto the hills from whence cometh my help
My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth…

We too cry out.

I look to you—oh God—when I do not know where else to look
I have exhausted my own resources
I have sought the help of others
I have even looked to the church
But I found little consolation for my grief.

Help me to rise up with wings as eagles
To run and not be weary
To soar and find your everlasting strength.

Like Hagar, might I find that well of water
Offering me a drink to quench my thirst and preserve my life.