Prayers that offer guidanceā€¦

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want…

The Lord will direct my pathways
My coming in and my going out…

Thy word is a lamp unto our feet…

Yet, I am stumbling.

God of courage and wisdom
Pour into my hearte

And direction for the way forward.

May the words of my mouth
And the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in your sight

I fall short.
I stumble.
I make mistakes.

And for all these things
I repent.
I turn, oh Lord, to you
Once again.

Help me to be stronger.

Guide me, Great Jehovah!

Please, be my guiding light
My strength
My true love
My everlasting portion

And protected from the glare of others by the shadow of your wings
May I be able to see clearly the road I am to follow.

Safe Sanctuaries Prayer

Dear and Gracious God of the Universe-

We bring our prayers to you today-

prayers for the wounded men and women in our midst,

People who are struggling to find peace within themselves

and peace within their relationships.


We ask you, Creator God, to give us a measure of Your wisdom-

the capacity to be present to one another, even in broken-ness and pain,

The capacity to listen without judging,

The capacity to step in another’s shoes and see the depths of their struggle.


We know You created this world in order that all peoples might share in Your love and understanding.

We also know our world is full of terrible choices-

choices often unconscious,

choices based upon our limited ability to see the whole.

We recognize that all of us, at times, make decisions based upon the hurts and bruises of our upbringing.

We recognize also that we have a responsibility for one another,

as all our lives are connected in community.


Therefore, give us, O God, a courageous spirit.

Help us to confront the fact of violence in our midst-

To stand with those who have been victimized and offer our best efforts.

We know we have only a piece of the solution,

and yet help us to shoulder the piece that is ours.


We give You thanks for the gift of this life.

We ask Your blessings and peace for all those who suffer.

May our efforts be guided by Your grace.

These things we pray –