Prayers that offer hopeā€¦

In the Bible, we read in I Corinthians 13 that
faith, hope and love
are building blocks of our human existence.

Lord of all, grant us faith
Faith to believe that with you all things are possible.

God of mercy, grant us hope
Hope to claim tomorrow as a different day, full of new possibilities.

Prince of Peace, grant us love
Love to empower others and to be empowered.

With faith, hope and love as our companions
May we walk the journey of life with a renewed heart.

God, we are frightened
And to you alone we cry out for mercy
Mercy and grace
Amazing grace
Grace that is able to supply all our needs.

We stand humbly at the door of your mercy and knock.

You have promised to be always close to our heart’s door
And we open it wide to you now.

Please come in
Transform the darkness with your light
Fill the void with your presence
Offer us a refuge, a safe place to hide

Take our mustard seed faith and make it bloom
So that all may know
That you are God.

A Prayer For the Woman Seeking Safe Sanctuary


 O Holy One-


Bless this woman who has come here today

seeking safe sanctuary in Your house.

Help her to know that her words of pain

are acknowledged and

that our community of faith

supports her in her decision to seek a life

of truth, of justice and of peace,

a life without chaos and violence.


Restore in her the sense that she is deeply treasured,

that her life is a gift and

that You have called her

to live this gift with openness and beauty.


Remove from her heart any sense of shame or failure.

Reassure her that her courage is a gift from You,

and that this community will walk beside her

as she seeks safety and healing.


Continue to protect and guide her, O God.

Remind her of Your constant love

manifested in this place-

surrounded by all of us who care.


These things we pray-