Women's Resources

Listening to the Voices of Victims

Over the last 15 years, we have interviewed hundreds of church women concerning domestic violence. Here is what some have had to say about the reality of abuse in their lives. By reading their words, or listening to their voices, you will begin to draw a mental picture about abuse and all its associated ugliness.

Violence Against Women Around the World

Violence against women exists in every country, amongst all people groups. Using our world map, view the   latest statistics organized by country.

Examples of Women Supporting Women within the Congregational Life of the Church

The following ten examples are drawn from church women’s own accounts of their individual support for other women who have been battered within the family context.

Examples of Groups of Church Women Supporting Transition Houses for Battered Women and Children

The following examples are drawn from church women’s own accounts of their group support for the transition houses located in the areas where they live.

Women-Led Local Church Initiatives

• The Young Moms Support Group of Riverside Baptist Church
• Coastal Community Church Support Group

Words of Hope

Individual voices of women and men from many different communities across the nation offer their support   for the journey towards healing and hope for victims of domestic violence. We call these “Words of Hope.”   Others offer a challenge to religious leaders: speak out against violence wherever it occurs. We call   these “Words of Awakening.”

Stained Glass Advice

Click the glass and it will speak to touch your deepest wounds. Religious leaders provide words of comfort, encouragement and support for those impacted by any form of domestic violence.

Human Trafficking

Clips from Sex Slaves are used by permission of Ric Esther Bienstock, Writer and Director.  The first clip is a scene from Toronto, Ontario and the second involves a discussion between two sisters, one of whom has been victimized by human traffickers.

Women’s Spirituality Circle

Counselors working with survivors of domestic abuse have told us that real healing from domestic abuse must include a spiritual component.  Spiritualities are as diverse as women themselves.  Our spiritual journey can be broadened by listening to perspectives that differ from our own.  The following “women’s spirituality circles” encompass a range of Christian viewpoints.

How to cover your tracks surfing the web

It may not be safe for you to access sites for information about family violence from your computer.   Your abuser could discover what sites you have visited.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness After Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse, both emotional and physical, can have a devastating effect on the health of the abused woman long after the abuse is over.  This often includes depression, anxiety, intrusive memories, and low self-esteem. Healthy forgiveness of the former abusive spouse (which is not confused with condoning, excusing, unsafe contact, or reconciliation) can have the power to heal these painful outcomes.