Youth Resources

Love Is/Love Isn’t

An activity designed to get teens thinking about the variety of messages that they have received about love.

Youth/Teen Dating Violence Fact Sheet

Abuse and violence occur in dating relationships at all ages. The consequences of experiencing violence in a dating relationship are long-lasting and may include damage to self-esteem, confidence and sense of safety, a negative affect on development and functioning, physical injury and, importantly, increasing risk for experiencing further violence in future relationships.

Play the Dating Game


He Said/She Said

This video is based on data collected from Canadian teenagers and highlights the different messages and experiences of youth in relationships with peers and significant others.  The accompanying discussion plan invites youth to think about and discuss their own experiences and utilize their church’s resources.

YouTube Videos

There are many educational and music videos that relate the story about teen dating violence.  These can be used as part of worship, sermon aids or in group discussions with teens.

Fast Facts on Teen Dating Violence

This presentation provides some of the statistics on the prevalence of teen dating violence and the social and individual factors that contribute to it.

The Oldest Oppression

This video on human trafficking was produced by students of St. Mary’s Academy in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Through the juxtaposition of passages from scripture and actual stories of women caught in the sex trade, these high school students paint a dramatic picture of a serious social problem.  The conclusion includes suggestions for action.

Keeping Secrets: Church Youth Group Program About Family Violence

This is a structured group discussion about the impact of family violence on youth.  It includes statistics, community resources, bible study and reflection on experience.