In Nicaragua...

A study on women conducted by two Nicaraguan NGOs in conjunction with a Swedish university found that conjugal or domestic violence constituted 75% of cases of violence against women in Nicaragua (Ellsberg and Peña 1996).

This same study found that 52% of Nicaraguan women had been victims of violence from a spouse of partner at some point in their lives.

Since women in abusive relationships earn less as a result of the abuse, there is also a significant economic impact on the economy, which in Nicaragua was as high as 1.6 % of the 1996 GDP in lost earnings (Morrison and Orlando 1999).

A 2004 report entitled Profiling Domestic Violence: A Multi-Country Study indicates that 30.2 percent of women in Nicaragua have been beaten by a spouse or intimate partner with 13.2 percent reporting being beaten in the past 12 months.

This same study indicates that 11.1 % of 8,142 women who were ever pregnant experienced violence perpetrated by their husband during pregnancy.

8.8 percent of the women interviewed in Nicaragua reported being threatened with a knife, gun or other type of weapon, with 2.8% reporting that this occurred within the past year. Relatedly, 7.0 % report an attempt to strangle or burn them. (Profiling Domestic Violence: A Multi-Country Study 2004).

Of a cohort of 2,570 women in Nicaragua who reported experiencing violence by a spouse or intimate partner, 29.3 % noted that this had happened “frequently” – a category of 5 or more times within the past 12 months. (Profiling Domestic Violence: A Multi-Country Study 2004)

In a 1996 cross-sectional survey conducted with a representative sample of 488 women 15 to 49 years of age, the lifetime prevalence of spousal violence was 52% among ever-married women (n=360). Spousal violence was significantly and positively associated with poverty, parity, urban residence, and history of violence in the husband’s family. (Ellsberg, M., Peña, R., Herrera, A., Lilijestrand, J., & Winkvist, A. 1999).

A 2000 Unicef report entitled Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls reports that in Léon, Nicaragua, children of women who were physically or sexually abused by their partners were six times more likely than other children to die before the age of five.

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