According to a report of the World Health Organization entitled WHO Multi-country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence against Women (2005):

49% of ever-partnered women in Lima and 61% in Cusco reported physical violence by a partner at some time in their life. For sexual violence by a partner these percentages were 23% in Lima and 47% in Cusco.

15% of ever-pregnant women in Lima and 28% in Cusco experienced physical violence during at least one pregnancy. Of these, one third in Lima and over half in Cusco were punched or kicked in the abdomen. In virtually all cases the perpetrator was the unborn child’s father.

About one in every five women in both sites reported being sexually abused as a child.

For those women who had their first experience of sexual intercourse before the age of 15 years, this was forced for more than 40% in both sites.

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